PWC has been closed!

Pony World Chat, formely known as Pinkie's Hyperactive Chat

After running for almost 2 years PWC has been taken offline, it will no longer be available on this domain.

The game may have been taken offline, but it was merely a platform for the great community that grew from it. It has become so much more than just a few 1s and 0s in a computer, the heart of PWC is still very alive.

Inspired by PWC one of its users has begun creating their own game, until it's done you can use these chatrooms to keep in touch:

Note that those are in no way officially affiliated with PWC, and I am not responsible for what happens on them.
But I trust Converse will do her best to maintain order and peace on them like I have on PWC.

Original Shutdown Annoucement (by Lordcerii)

The Bad News

Things change and people change, more specifically: Bronies change. After the hype ended many people's interest in MLP died down, they moved on to other things in life, grew up and got jobs or just lost interest in the show. I mean we were all hit pretty hard by "twilight princess"... :seriousAJ:

And those are the reasons why so many of the original mods (and users) left by now:
Brasswing and salqour got jobs and had less and less time for being mods.
Ashbreeze, IdiotHarmony, PrecariousMuffin and Anthonygamer either lost interest in MLP or PWC, or decided to move on to other goals in their life.
And the same goes for me: I haven't been too much of a brony for some time and while PWC was a cool project it just didn't quite work out, and even if it did I wouldn't be able to carry it on besides personal life all too well. Due to this I originally wanted to pass PWC on to someone, but most of my potential successors were old mods, who either also left PWC or didn't feel up to the job.

In other words: PWC is going to be shut down. And unfortunately I won't be able to give it a worthy end-event, I'm sorry about this. :20%sadder:

I know this is probably very hard on some of you, especially those who just recently discovered the game and felt at home in it. But everything ends eventually, especially today since many games/projects/etc are started every day, and just as many are shut down or cancelled every day.

Don't remember PWC as the game that was taken away from you, or me as the one who took it from you. Remember it as the game that gave you so much joy and helped you find many friends. Remember me (and maybe even Intet who made the sprites) as the one who had just as much joy creating the game originally as you had playing it. I've not been too involved with most of you guys personally, but I think it's more important for an admin and developer to take good care of the internal workings and development of the game, which is something I've definitely enjoyed doing. And I think doing what you love most is probably the single most important thing for every game. To take PWC as an example: Some may like chatting casually, some may like roleplays and others may have enjoyed the tag a lot, or maybe the parts of PWC that aren't the actual game at all like the deviantArt group. And of course there was one who enjoyed just coding on the PWC and trying their best to maintain a stable administration so everyone may feel at home in the game, guess who that was. :rdwink:

I'll hold on to the code of the game, so it might be rereleased, made open-source or passed on after all at some point, but don't take this as a promise.

So you don't end up losing touch with those friends PWC is not going to be shut down immediately, but it will stay open for another week to give you time to say goodbye and exchange e-mails or other contact information with your friends so you don't end up losing them.

PWC will be shut down in the evening of the 3rd of January 2014 (Friday) or the morning of the 4th (Saturday) depending on your timezone. (I will probably turn it off a little after midnight in UTC+1)

Goodbye everyone, and thanks for some great times.

Special Thanks

-All the old and new mods for making the game an enjoyable place for everyone.
-Converse for her efforts to keep the community together even after the shutdown: rainbowponies chatzy
-Lightning_strike aka Brickguy213 for volunteering as a mod during the last week.
-Everyone else for believing in this game and making it what it was: Much more than just a game, but a place for everyone to feel at home.
-Chewy for making this beautiful journal: In Loving Memory..

Final Words

(Copied from the chatlog of the last few minutes of PWC)
Lordcerii: You may or may not believe what I am about to say. You may or may not see me as selfish for what I am doing. But I am thankful for the good times we all shared on PWC. Even if I could hardly ever participate in them I've enjoyed seeing you all have fun on my game. That was the goal I was trying to achieve with it.
Lordcerii: I was doing it for myself, yes. I enjoyed coding and I was curious how making an MMO would be like. I've learned many valuable things from this and I've enjoyed doing so.
Lordcerii: But I also enjoyed making other people happy, getting them together... in fact I've apparently saved a few people who were having bad times.
Lordcerii: But the last part... that wasn't me.
Lordcerii: I only gave you all the basis to do what you have done. And you, every single on of you, you are the "heart" of PWC... the 0 and 1 in the code are only a platform. The spirit of PWC lives on in all of you
Lordcerii: And really... It fills me with joy to see that my game won't be "just" passed on in an attempt to keep it running, but that it has truly inspired someone to make their own game. I'm talking about you Converse. And I think there is no better way to "continue" PWC than that.
Lordcerii: I hope you can understand where I am coming from. And once again thanks for your support, especially to you Converse.
(The next part isn't from the logs)
And yes, I have not been too active on PWC or its development towards the end. To one part because I put a lot of time into managing mods and to another part because I just didn't have that much time for PWC anymore besides University and whatnot.
That's also one of the reasons why I decided to leave PWC. I would have liked to pass it on and in fact spent quite a while looking around, but all the people in question had either also left or declined the offer, so I decided it would be better to give PWC a worthy ending (which this last week sure was) than either neglecting it and letting it slowly die or passing it on to someone random who wouldn't be able to maintain it right. (no offence to anyone)
I already had a hard time coming to terms with quitting PWC and I couldn't bare seeing it die. And really I think with your help I've managed to give it a very nice end-event and a last half hour more than worthy for PWC, that's all I could wish for.
Thank you all, you were great.:squee:

Farewell, Space Cowboys...